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GFTN Participants

GFTN is about change, so companies that participate in GFTN must commit to changing their impact on forests – whether they are a forest owner or manager, a timber buyer, or a retailer or end user.

All participants in GFTN must meet formal requirements for joining, and follow a set of rules, which are accepted upon making a participation agreement with WWF, normally in the country where they are headquartered if GFTN is part of the national programme of work there.

Forest companies that are not yet certified must confirm that they are operating legally and commit to a time-bound action plan to achieve credible certification for all of their forest management units within ten years.
Manufacturers and processors of wood and paper products, retailers, distributors, and other end users must commit to eliminating the use of wood and pulp from unacceptable sources and increasingly source credibly certified and/or recycled timber and paper products against time bound action plans.
Additionally, we require participating companies to make publicly available a clear statement of their timber/paper policy and to communicate accurately about the forest products they buy and sell.

Participants agree to report annually on their progress toward credible certification.  

GFTN Former Participants

The full GFTN participants database is currently under revision. For more information about specific GFTN participants, please contact the relevant national GFTN coordinator.

A list of GFTN contacts can be downloaded here