The Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) | WWF
The business community can play a vital role in ensuring forest resources are well-managed. Sustainable forest management can help redress some of the most severe problems affecting forests, such as deforestation.
WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) can help. We work to improve the management of global production forests by using the commitments, influence, and purchasing power of businesses to bring about market change. Our goal is to create a thriving, mainstream market for environmentally and socially responsible forest products, and GFTN is one of WWF’s leading initiatives to combat illegal logging and drive improvements in forest management.

The GFTN links more than 100 companies, communities and governments in over 15 countries to create market incentives for responsible forestry and trade practices. The initiative was established in 1991 and is the world’s longest-running and largest forest and trade programme of its kind. 

How we work

We’ve estimated that the amount of wood we take from forests and plantations each year may need to triple by 2050. So can we meet this demand without losing our amazing global forests for good?

GFTN aims to transform the global forest sector into a force for saving the world's valuable and threatened forests by promoting and supporting responsible forest management and trade. By working with companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry, GFTN helps to create market conditions that conserve forests while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people that depend on them.  

WWF's research suggests it’s possible. But it’s a challenge that spans the whole supply chain, from where and how wood is grown and harvested to how wisely and efficiently it is processed, used and reused. We can all play our part in a better future for forests – and the GFTN is about how businesses can take responsibility for their share of the global market and its footprint on forests worldwide.

We support and facilitate greater coordination of efforts to expand responsible and credibly certified forest management, including technical assistance throughout the certification process and building understanding of market opportunities.

GFTN participants are committed to increasing the availability of forest products from well managed forests, helping each other benefit and profit from responsible forest management, and ending the purchase of forest products from illegal and controversial sources.

Get involved

The business case for participating in the GFTN is compelling.  GFTN participants collaborate with the world’s leading conservation organisation, and become part of a global network that includes WWF technical staff in more than 15 countries. We hope you’ll benefit from a conservation perspective, grounded in WWF’s presence in many countries and our work on forest policy, governance and trade. 

We can provide:
  • Advice: we have a wealth of knowledge to share, whether about on-site technical assistance with the process of obtaining independent and credible certification, responsible purchasing and procurement policies, industry specific issues, and risk management, and many other forest related topics
  • Opinion: as a global conservation organisation, we can draw upon many connections and relationships, monitoring and observation, and engagement in key processes, and provide our views on how businesses can take better decisions about the forest resources they manage or depend on – based on what is happening now
  • Insight & Expertise: into legality and sustainability related to timber and timber products, for different markets, and from the research we commission and publish
  • Tools & Guidance: for when you have made a commitment and can draw on GFTN’s successful track record as a leader and catalyst of environmental and social innovations in the timber industry, to help you achieve change
  • Engagement: with your staff, with your customers or suppliers, through collaboration with like-minded, solution oriented business peers, which in GFTN includes producers, processors, purchasers, projects and partnerships, as you join us to use your business voice to call for responsible forest governance and trade among diverse audiences and stakeholders.

Since its creation, GFTN's efforts have helped to ensure that millions of hectares of forests are independently and credibly certified, a guarantee that the forests are well managed and that their products come from legal and sustainable timber harvests.

Take a look at what businesses are involved in GFTN worldwide right now, by visiting our participant page, and contact us to find out more about participating.