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2013 Legality Training Seminars in Vietnam

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2013 Legality Training Seminars

7 November – Surabaya

31 October – Ho Chi Minh City
1 November – Ho Chi Minh City

15 October – Huzhou, Zhejiang Province
17 October – Pizhou, Jiangsu Province

9 October – St. Petersburg, Russia


New legislation in key consumer countries has led a growing number of timber product importers to seek assurances from their suppliers that the products they source overseas have been legally produced. This legislation requires that timber has been harvested, possessed, transported, sold or exported without breaking any relevant underlying laws in the country where the tree was grown, even if it was processed in another country. 
With funding and support from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry of Australia (DAFF), the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), and IKEA, the Global Forest & Trade Network and TRAFFIC organized workshops in Vietnam to educate suppliers on how to comply with relevant laws and help their overseas customers demonstrate due care.

Each session featured:
  • Introduction to timber trade flows from Asia Pacific and Russia to the EU, US and Australia
  • What exporters need to know about the EU Timber Regulation, the US Lacey Act and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act as well as relevant national laws and how to comply
  • What information importers need from their suppliers and what suppliers can do to help their customers
  • Practical, real-life examples of legality compliance
  • Access to organizations and information that can help businesses trade responsibly
  • Briefing materials to take away to share with staff members
Translated resources from the training sessions are available for download in the box to the right.

English language versions are available on the main 2013 Legality Seminar Training page.