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2013 Legality Training Seminars in Russia

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2013 Legality Training Seminars

7 November – Surabaya

31 October – Ho Chi Minh City
1 November – Ho Chi Minh City
15 October – Huzhou, Zhejiang Province 
17 October – Pizhou, Jiangsu Province

9 October – St. Petersburg, Russia 


WWF/GFTN-Russia and TRAFFIC (the Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network) held a Legality Workshop & Training for companies exporting forest products to the European Union, the United States, and other international markets.  The Workshop was held on October 9th, 2013 in conjunction with the XV St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum.

About 50 participants, including forest products exporters and suppliers, government officials, forest managers, NGO representatives, universities, and consulting companies, attended the event.

“Timber legality os one of the key aspects of sustainable forestry.  It is important to know that according to new international timber regulations no only loggers are responsible for legality but also their clients – timber importers to EU, US and Australia.  Transformation of larger timber products markets is becoming a reality now and Russian loggers and timber traders have to adapt to new requirements of these markets to retain their positions” -  Elena Kulikova, Head of WWF-Russia Forest Program.