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Legality Training Seminars 2013

WWF/GFTN & TRAFFIC Training Seminars

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2013 Legality Training Seminars


7 November – Surabaya
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31 October – Ho Chi Minh City
1 November – Ho Chi Minh City
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15 October – Huzhou, Zhejiang Province
17 October – Pizhou, Jiangsu Province
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9 October – St. Petersburg, Russia
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The RAFT partnership is designed to build the capacity of countries, companies and communities in Asia Pacific to practice legal and sustainable forest management and trade. Legislation governing the importation of timber products into key consumer countries, such as the US Lacey Act, the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), and the Australia Illegal Logging Prohibition Act, has created an opportunity to strengthen the capacity of industry associations, factories and forest managers in producer countries to understand and come into compliance with these new standards, while reaping the environmental, social and economic benefits that come from going beyond legality to responsible forest management.

And these benefits accrue far beyond companies themselves to productive and sustainable employment for producers and their families, as well as to rural and downstream communities that rely on forests for their environmental services.


The primary purpose of this work is to help companies gain a clearer understanding of market-based legislation and national laws applicable to harvest and trade of timber products and to learn practical strategies, tools and mechanisms to reduce their risk of exporting illegal timber.
Aimed at GFTN Participants, companies supplying GFTN Participants, and other interested companies, the workshops feature proven tools and approaches to help companies verify the legality of their timber supplies, meet the requirements of importers seeking verified legal timber and progress toward credibly certified, sustainable forest management practices.

The workshops, which took place in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia, focused on the practicalities of establishing legality verification systems that support compliance with legality requirements of key consumer countries, through targeted technical training and resources in local languages. Each workshop built on existing GFTN and TRAFFIC regional expertise and experience in developing resources and guidance supporting key industry actors in the transition toward responsible forest management.
The trainings included:
  • An introduction to timber trade flows from Asia Pacific and Russia to the EU, US and Australia
  • What exporters need to know about the EU Timber Regulation, the US Lacey Act and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act as well as relevant national laws and how to comply
  • What information importers need from their suppliers and what suppliers can do to help their customers
  • Practical, real-life examples of legality compliance
  • Access to organizations and information that can help businesses trade responsibly
  • Briefing materials to take away to share with staff members
The modules from the training sessions are available for download on the right.

Translated versions are available on individual workshop pages: Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Russia.

There are 12 modules in this course:

1. Introduction to International Policies & Conventions Impacting Timber
2. Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act
3. The European Union Timber Regulation
4. Introduction to the US Lacey Act
5. Due Care/Due Diligence and General Guidance
6. Timber Trade Flows from Indonesia
7. Timber Trade Flows from Vietnam
8. Timber Trade Flows from China
9. Timber Trade Flows from Laos
10. Training for Trainers - Introduction
11. Training for Trainers - Introduction to the Resources
12. Training for Trainers - Effective Training


This training series was supported by the WWF-IKEA partnership and the Responsible Asia Forestry & Trade partnership (RAFT), funded by the Australian and U.S. Governments. 

RAFT is a regional programme that provides capacity building and knowledge sharing services to Asia Pacific countries in support of their efforts to promote trade in responsibly harvested and manufactured wood products. RAFT is implemented by a consortium of leading conservation organizations committed to managing and using forests responsibly.

The WWF-IKEA partnership combats illegal logging, supports credible forest certification, promotes responsible timber trade and maps and protects high conservation value forests in Europe and Asia.