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Practical Information for Committed Companies

The Basics for Responsible Forestry & Trade
General information on illegal logging, sustainable forest management and responsible wood sourcing. This section also provides a thorough information on forest and chain of custody certification, including practical steps to achieve them, objective advise on which certification system to use, as well as costs and benefits of certification.

Practical Information for Forest Managers
Practical information for forest managers who wish to improve their forest management practices by implementing higher standards of forest management.


Practical Information for Buyers of Timber Products
Practical information such as tools and guidance for timber buyers, which includes timber or paper manufacturers, traders, architects, builders and retailers.


Practical Information for Financial Institutions
This section provides guidelines for responsible forest investment, various initiatives that supports responsible investments, and examples of bank's policies on the topic.


Search for Certified Companies
Links to search engines listing certified companies globally.


The Global Market
A wide selection of market information on forest products.

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