GFTN-China Expands Reach of Responsible Forestry and Trade

Posted on 15 November 2010   |  
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For the past six years, GFTN has engaged with the forest products industry in China to advance responsible forestry through driving improvements in forest management and promoting responsible procurement. The momentum of these efforts continues to build as Asia Timber, East Win Supply Chain Management, Jiusheng Wood Company and Whalen Furniture joined GFTN-China late last year, bringing the total number of companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry in China to 27.

“We are pleased to welcome these new participants as they will be instrumental in driving improvements in forest management where they source their wood, including priority ecoregions such as the Amazon, Congo Basin, Borneo and Russia,” said Jin Zhonghao, GFTN-China Manager.

GFTN will work with each company to develop a responsible purhasing policy and a system to establish traceabiltity and increase the amount of certified timber in their supply chains.

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