New Resource to Combat Illegal Logging

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Debuting at the twelfth annual St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum, the GFTN’s Keep It Legal Country Guide: Russia is translated into Russian and English. Designed to help foreign companies acquiring timber, lumber, pulp, paper, plywood, wood boards, furniture or other products from Russia, the guide sets out to establish what legal requirements must be met in Russia.

“This manual is intended primarily for foreign companies, buying timber in Russia. Nevertheless, we are confident that it will be helpful to Russian companies seeking to exclude illegal materials from their supply chains,” said Nikolai Smatkov, project coordinator for WWF-Russia’s Forest Policy.

According to Shmatkov, the guidance will be useful in the work of agencies and departments of the Russian forest sector in improving the legal framework for ensuring the legality of Russian timber, as it reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system.

This publication is particularly relevant in light of amendments to the US Lacey Act and the passing of timber legislation in the EU, Switzerland and Australia banning imports of illegal timber.

“Companies supplying timber to Europe and the US should consider Keep It Legal as an invaluable resource,” said George White, Head of the GFTN. “Following the guidelines set out in this manual and in GFTN’s Guide to Legal and Responsible Sourcing will enable companies to avoid serious problems with the law and avoid situations that may jeopardize their relationship with US, European and Australian customers.”

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Available for the first time, GFTN’s Keep It Legal Russia Country Guide provides specific guidelines on what documentation is required to establish legality when sourcing from Russia.
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