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GFTN-UK announcement

Posted on 31 August 2018
Aerial view of forest cover
© Zig Koch/WWF
Woking, UK – After much consideration, WWF-UK has taken the decision to close the UK office of the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN-UK), concluding with its final meeting on 6 November, 2018.
The closure does not have any influence on the important work that GFTN does globally, and the other national and regional offices of GFTN are unaffected by this decision.
Ending this flagship programme has not been an easy decision, but as WWF-UK launches its new strategy we believe the time is right to make this change. Within the UK, this has meant a re-thinking of the forests programme strategy, and a transition to working at a landscape approach and linking this to trade in agricultural commodities, rather than largely through a timber supply chain approach. WWF-UK is developing new initiatives that will be announced in the coming months.
The 2018 GFTN-UK annual report is currently being developed and will highlight the many successes and achievements of this programme.
It is important for us all to recognize and celebrate that for nearly 30 years, GFTN-UK participants have been pivotal in helping promote sustainable trade in timber products, which protects the world’s forests and the billions of people that rely on them.
GFTN-UK successfully advocated for legislation to stop illegal timber being placed on the EU market, and has helped considerably in raising awareness and understanding of the need for sustainable trade in timber products. WWF is extremely proud of all that GFTN-UK has achieved, which would not have been possible without the continued commitment of its participants.
WWF-UK’s goal of ensuring a fully sustainable UK timber market by 2020 still remains an extremely important priority. We will proceed with our final Timber Scorecard in 2019 and remain fully committed to working with partners to secure a future where nature and people thrive.

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Aerial view of forest cover
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