Plantations for Africa’s prosperity, Uganda, June 4 - 8 | WWF

Plantations for Africa’s prosperity, Uganda, June 4 - 8

Posted on 05 June 2018
Planting trees for social well-being
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Uganda is one of the most fertile places in the world, and its growing economy is fuelling demand for forest products. In 1990, approximately 30 per cent of Uganda was covered with forests, but by 2015 this figure had fallen to 10 per cent. The major drivers of this deforestation include a booming population – at a rate of 3.2 per cent annually – expanding farmland, unregulated charcoal production and rapid urbanization.
WWF’s New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform believes that there are significant afforestation and reforestation opportunities to create forest on under-utilized land, often next to, or on land currently owned or leased by forestry companies. Most likely, these companies are best placed to expand forests at a low cost and fastest pace.
A new NGP study tour, co-hosted by the New Forests Company, one of Africa’s leading forestry companies, and WWF-Uganda brings participants from around the world together to discuss how the plantation forestry industry, civil society and national governments can drive sustainable economic development. Participants will be introduced to some innovative solutions being implemented in the field by New Forests Company Uganda in the regions of Mityana and Bugiri.
“As a co-host of this study tour, we feel honoured to play our part in demonstrating the social, environmental, and economic benefits of sustainable plantation forestry in East Africa, as well as some of the challenges," says Patrick Mugenyi, CEO of New Forests Company Uganda. "We look forward to learning from, and sharing our experience in the field with the participants and hope for some vibrant discussions. Together, we can create and implement innovative ideas to plant more trees which will help combat deforestation and climate change.”
“Plantations in Uganda, if managed well, can help reduce pressure on natural forests and contribute positively to the welfare of local communities by creating employment opportunities," highlights David Duli, Country Director of WWF-Uganda.  "The New Generations Plantations Platform brings governments, private sector, civil society and communities together around a common goal; to protect our natural resources for the benefit of both people and wildlife.”

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Planting trees for social well-being
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