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A New Committee Formed to Oversee the Implementation of the Zanzibar Declaration

Posted on 13 April 2017
Zanzibar Declaration
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In reaffirming commitments against illegal trade in timber and other products, the representatives of national forest agencies has formed the Steering Committee (also referred to as the Technical Committee), which would consist of high-level government officials capable of pushing forward the deliberations under the Zanzibar Declaration in the political sphere. As a hosting institution for the 4th Annual East Africa Timber Trade Stakeholders’ Forum, Kenya Forest Service (KFS) was selected as a first secretariat and Chair for the Steering Committee.
Following The Zanzibar Declaration on Illegal Trade in Timber and Forest Products signed at the XIV World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa on 9th September 2016, national forest agencies from Republics of Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Uganda, and United Republic of Tanzania met in Nairobi, Kenya to deliberate on actions to implement the Declaration. The deliberations, which led to the formation of the steering committee generated as part of multi-stakeholder process with presence of media, Civil Society Organizations, international organizations and Customs authorities from Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda.
The deliberations reached at the Forum in Nairobi are based on the mutual desire of all Parties under the Zanzibar Declaration to cooperate on regional efforts to curb illegal timber trade and other forest products.
Purpose of the First Steering Committee Meeting
The objectives of the meeting will include:
  • To launch the Steering Committee under the Zanzibar Declaration
  • To agree on a number of proposed collaborative regional actions and modalities for implementation
  • To release the regional timber trade report on trade dynamics that covers several countries within the region
The Parties to the Zanzibar Declaration have jointly agreed the following as functions to be carried by the Steering Committee:
  • To make decisions based on the mandate for the benefit of the Member States
  • To facilitate communication and cooperation between Parties.
  • To seek financial resources for implementation of the Zanzibar Declaration
  • To provide oversight, coordinate and/or provide linkages to the in-country technical committees (e.g., multi-agency teams, judiciary, and law enforcement)
  • To review and approve membership by other Member States with interest to join the Declaration
  • To review and approve implementation, work plans and reports of the member Parties.
Zanzibar Declaration
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