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Paper too valuable to be wasted - new film

Posted on 11 March 2015
Paper is too valuable to waste
A new film, The Future of Paper, produced by the civil society coalition Environmental Paper Network (EPN) showcases the need to transform the way we use everyday materials to achieve a more equitable and sustainable future. The film is based on the EPN Vision shared by 140 civil society organizations about the future of paper. WWF, a co-signatory of the Global Paper Vision, supports the key message of the film, emphasising the need to increase the value of paper and aiming for a more equitable consumption globally.

"Paper is a valuable material, if sourced well and manufactured with a low footprint. It needs to be used wisely, to allow a fair access where it is most needed." says Emmanuelle Neyroumande.

WWF´s living forest report is projecting a doubling of the world´s paper consumption by 2050 and a tripling of the amount of wood society takes from forests and plantations. For wood to play a positive role in a “green” economy based on renewable resources, production forests need to be managed to the highest ecological and social standards, and the use and recovery of wood products such as paper must become more efficient.

In the longer term, as population and incomes grow, we need forestry and farming practices that produce more with less land, water and pollution and new consumption patterns that meet the needs of the poor while eliminating waste and over-consumption by the affluent. This is a key goal of WWF´s global Forests for Life Programme.
The film which is now available also in German and Chinese,  can also be watched on the Youtube Channel of the Environmental Paper Network here:

Emmanuelle Neyroumande
Pulp and Paper Global Manager
Forests for Life Programme
WWF International