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Paper path to sustainability and social responsibility unveiled

Posted on 17 June 2014
No need to flush natural forests
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Gland, Switzerland. Starting today, more than 100 civil society groups including WWF will be promoting a Global Paper Vision that addresses climate change, human rights and new expectations for corporate transparency.

The vision is the product of more than a year’s consultations under the umbrella of the Environmental Paper Network . A key launch activity for the vision is a global conversation about how paper can present powerful opportunities to protect our air, water, forests climate, and communities, under the twitter hashtag #whatsinyourpaper.

“Paper is such an everyday product that it offers numerous pathways into promoting a fairer, more sustainable use of natural resources in practical ways,” said Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Pulp and Paper Global Manager at WWF International, “The Global Paper Vision sets out aspirations that can – and should be - picked up by policy makers, producers and paper users.”

Major elements of the Vision include reducing global paper consumption and promoting fair access to paper, maximising the content of recycled fibres, responsible sourcing of fibre, clean production and reduced greenhouse gas emissions along with a suite of measures to enhance the transparency and social responsibility of paper production and consumption.

WWF’s work on paper

WWF supports this vision and offers practical solutions for companies and individuals who are looking for responsible ways of sourcing paper. WWF paper tools, Check Your Paper and the Environmental Paper Company Index improve transparency of the paper sector by telling the ecological footprint of paper making. Also, WWF works together with the paper industry towards greener business practices though initiatives such as The Global Forest &Trade Network, and the New Generations Plantations platform and the partnership with Mondi


Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Pulp and Paper Global Manager, WWF International
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No need to flush natural forests
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