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FSC Group Certification Toolkit

Posted on 03 August 2005
FSC Group Certification Toolkit
This group certification toolkit has been prepared as part of the WWF IKEA cooperation on forest projects.
With this toolkit, WWF and the Estonian Fund for Nature offer practical guidance to small forest owners and potential group managers in order to support improvements in forest management through FSC certification.

The toolkit has been developed specifically for the Estonian context by the consulting company Nepcon and the FSC national working group in Estonia. Most of the tools are however usable and adaptable worldwide. Guidlines are given in the document how to adapt relevant parts to other countries. 
Purpose and structure 
This toolkit is designed as a reference and guidance material for forest managers and owners who want to be part of the FSC certified group of forest owners or run such a group. The toolkit has two main parts: one  for the group manager and the other for it’s members. The main part of the group member as well as the group manager toolkit consists of checklists, which help the managers to check and plan their activities. In case more information or help is needed, a reference to the supporting documents (more detailed explanations, templates and various forms) is provided in the checklist.
The first part of group member toolkit will help each group member to prepare for the certification. The first part of group manager toolkit is aimed at establishment of a group scheme and assuring the compliance with the technical requirements related to group management. The second part of group member and group manager toolkit focuses on maintaining high level forest management in a systematic way. 
FSC Group Certification Toolkit