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Two more companies join WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network in Vietnam

Posted on 29 August 2011
Admission ceremony in WWF-Vietnam office
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The new network participants will commit to trade timber and forestry products from sustainably managed forests. One the benefits in joining the GFTN is that they will be kept informed of international demand and the sources of supply within the network. In order to get this competitve advantage, participants must publically declare, with documentation, their commitment to responsible forestry and credible forest certification, which will ensure buyers that they are an environmentally reliable business partner.

“The GFTN is WWF's initiative to encourage corporates in the timber industry to commit a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach” GFTN Vietnam Coordinator Le Cong Uan said. “GFTN Vietnam does not put the number of participants in priority but counts on serious commitment and real practices of those who apply for GFTN Vietnam participation” continued Mr. Uan.

GFTN-Vietnam participants will be working towards achieving Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificaion, which is the only timber cerification system recognized in Vietnam. GFTNVietnam participants will benefit from GFTN international services and have access to European and American markets, which require products from sustainably managed forestry.

Director of Quang Ninh Forest Products Processing JSC, Tran Thi Lan said, “Being a GFTN Vietnam participants, we will be greatly supported in term of technical training, information sharing and especially latest news about the international market. It is really vital for a medium-size businessbuisines such as ourselves.Filling gaps in information will help us to take an active role in this ever changing world. .”

By joining GFTN Vietnam, Quang Ninh Forest Products Processing.JSC and Nam Dinh Forest Products.JSC are showing their professional and comprehensive development planing. It is hoped that their success will encourage more Vietnamese forestry businesses to follow suit in playing an integral role in the protection of Vietnam’s natural heritage.

Mr. Bui Duc Thuyen, Director of NAFACO shared “Four years ago, we were just a sub-supplier of IKEA. Today we have become the biggest IKEA’s supplier in garden funiture in Vietnam in terms of production, and one of the biggest timber manufacturer in North of Vietnam. Participation in a credible international organization like WWF/GFTN will contribute to sharpen our image in the international market and also proves to the world that Vietnamese forest sector is working towards sustainablilty and globalization”.

For further information, please contact :
Mr. Le Cong Uan
GFTN  Vietnam Coordinator
WWF Greater Mekong –Vietnam country programme
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Tel. 84-4-3719 30 49, ext.133
Fax. 84-4-3719 30 48

Admission ceremony in WWF-Vietnam office
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