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Reaching Across Continents to Safeguard the Amazon

Posted on 08 December 2010
Amazon forests.
Rapidly expanding global markets for meat, soy, timber, and biofuel are contributing to accelerated rates of deforestation in the Amazon and increasing pressure on these forests’ natural resources and environmental services upon which millions of people depend. WWF is working to develop far reaching and powerful partnerships with governments, civil society and the private sector to promote transformational processes that are needed to safeguard the Amazon’s valuable and threatened forests. This transformational approach cannot be more clearly seen than in WWF’s GFTN, where companies are reaching across continents to work together to promote responsible forestry and trade.

GFTN staff from Latin America and the Caribbean traveled to Europe with the intent of fostering stronger links between responsible producers in Bolivia, Peru and Panama and buyers committed to responsible procurement throughout France, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK).

These efforts to drive responsible trade are starting to see results as market links were formed between participants in GFTN-UK with companies in the newly launched GFTN presence in the Northern Amazon and Chocó Darien (NACD), spanning Colombia, Ecuador and Panama. In one such instance, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, a GFTN-UK participant, entered into negotiations with Refocosta, a GFTN participant in Colombia, to acquire FSC-certified eucalyptus to be used in door and door frames.

“We are committed in our efforts to increase trade of timber products from responsible sources in Latin America and believe that the GFTN is driving lasting and positive change for the Amazon by facilitating these trade links,” said Raúl Dancé, Trade Marketing Specialist for GFTN-Latin America and Caribbean (LAC).

With the level of awareness and acceptance of certified forest products increasing in the European market, Dancé hopes that these trade links will become the first of many, as more European companies seek to comply with the due diligence regulation by seeking certified timber from responsible producers like GFTN participants in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Amazon forests.