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GFTN FY10 Annual Report

Posted on 14 February 2011
GFTN FY10 Annual Report

As we move in to GFTN’s 20th year, it is only right we pause to reflect on where we have come and where we are going.

Clearly we have a model that achieves gains for both conservation and industry. The pressures, challenges and opportunities that face the global forest products industry continue to multiply in number and complexity. GFTN will continue to evolve and seek ways to engage the industry as we pull out of the current recession and as consumption inexorably rises again.

This annual report highlights our development this past year, providing a look into the critical work areas that continue to drive the programme towards reaching our goals, such as:
  • Promoting Credible Certification
  • Transforming Markets
  • Combating Illegal Logging
  • Protecting Biodiversity
  • Developing Sustainable Livelihoods
To view the digital edition of the annual report, please go directly to the section of your interest through the photo mosaics below. 

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GFTN FY10 Annual Report
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