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World Zone joins Malaysia Forest & Trade Network Programme

Posted on 22 March 2005
Shah Alam, Malaysia - World Zone (M) Sdn Bhd and WWF-Malaysia signed a Memorandum of Understanding today, signifying World Zone’s participation in the Malaysia Forest & Trade Network (MFTN). MFTN is the Malaysian chapter of the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN). It is a WWF-Malaysia initiative that aims to provide local companies committed to responsible forestry access to responsible markets, as a means towards responsible purchasing and forest certification. 
World Zone is Malaysia’s leading exporter of garden furniture, with customers predominantly from Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. World Zone is committed to support sustainable forest management, and with the signing of the MoU, will demonstrate their commitment through increasing the purchase of materials from forests moving towards environmentally and socially sustainable standards. 
WWF-Malaysia’ National Programme Director, Dr. Dionysius Sharma congratulated World Zone on joining the Malaysia Forest & Trade Network. “This is an especially significant event because this MoU between World Zone and WWF under the MFTN banner demonstrates a firm commitment towards responsible forestry. This underscores responsible purchasing of timber and by doing so, contributing towards sustainable utilization of our forest resources. We commend World Zone for taking this bold step forward and would like to further strengthen our relationship by making available our resources and market links within the WWF network to ensure that a win-win situation prevails for all,” said Dr. Sharma. 
“World Zone has adopted an action plan as our initiative to eliminate illegal logging and promote better management of forests. Besides working closely with MFTN, we also hope that we could encourage more participation from other manufacturers and timber suppliers. Not only does this effort help to improve the management of forests, but it will be the start of a strong and active Producer Group benefiting from a growing market demand for FSC certified timber,” said Allan Paplinski, Managing Director of World Zone and the key person liaising with MFTN.

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