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WWF promotes forest certification in China

Posted on 10 March 2004
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Shanghai, China – China has become the world's largest furniture producer, and the second largest producer of plywood, according to organizers of the 6th International Forestry & Woodworking Machinery and Supplies Exhibition in Shanghai.
This is why WWF is working to reduce the negative impact of China's wood products market on the environment while guaranteeing a sustainable supply of forest products. At the exhibition, WWF and SGS* co-organized a seminar to promote the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Over 30 representatives of wood industry companies attended the seminar.
"After our company obtained CoC** certification, we not only expanded our sales, but also increased our brand awareness in the overseas markets," said a manager of a Nantong-based wood processing company, who participated in the seminar.
In China, WWF and its partners have been promoting FSC certification since 2001 as a way to protect limited forestry resources and to achieve sustainable forest management. The FSC aims to develop a certification system that certifies wood as sourced from well-managed sources, identified by consumers via easily recognized labels.
According to exhibition organizers, China's total plywood production per year is 21 million cubic meters - making China the world's second largest producer of plywood. In addition, China produces 100 million cubic meters of wood flooring per year. China has also become the largest furniture supplier in the world, with total furniture revenues reaching 17 billion US dollars.
"FSC certification is well-known throughout the international wood industry, but it is still gaining recognition in China. With support from the Chinese government and research institutions, FSC certification was first introduced to China in 2001," said Dong Ke, WWF China's Forest Programme Officer, "By the end of 2003, 51 Chinese companies had achieved CoC certification. In the future, WWF will continue to promote forest certification in China in terms of providing training to various stakeholders and publishing a forest certification manual. In the future, we hope more businesses will take full responsibility to protect our forest resources."

For further information:
An Yan
Forest Communications Coordinator, WWF China
Tel: + 86 10 6522 7100 ext 224
E-mail: yan@wwfchina.org

*SGS, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is the global leader in the verification, testing, and certification industry by total sales. SGS certifies that systems or services meet the requirements of standards set by governments and standardization bodies such as FSC.
**Under CoC (Chain of Custody), companies import certified wood with which they manufacture products.

Harvested log marked with pre-certification information.
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