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Building a Global Foundation

Posted on 22 July 2008
Successfully revealing the current four-year Business Plan and launching the Shareholder’s Group was only a preview of GFTN’s global vision in action. Building on this momentum, revisions have been made to the rules that govern GFTN participant companies.

The revitalization of this core policy will enable GFTN to enhance its role in driving the transformation of the global forest products market. “The GFTN participation rules define the fundamental obligations and benefits between our partners and WWF in our quest to eliminate illegal logging and increase the trade in credibly certified forest products,” said Bruce Cabarle, former Head of GFTN.

“This latest version of the rules incorporates best practices and lessons learned across 250+ partnerships established during the first GFTN business plan. It will also ensure that we remain current with the latest practices in the field of performance-based reporting and transparency. We will begin to issue periodic guidance notes to frontline managers as we gain experience with the revised set of rules. We will conduct an evaluation at the mid-term of this current business cycle to ensure that we continue to learn and build best practices into our management system. This provides a solid foundation upon which the GFTN can grow toward its goal of doubling the size of its portfolio by 2011.”

The participation rules are a crucial component of the GFTN program as they define the policy framework for participant companies. The revisions were made to better clarify the expectations and mandates of participants and are expected to enable GFTN to increase the transparency of its programmatic engagement with committed companies. The improved rules incorporate a global programmatic perspective with field input reflecting the present-day realities of participant companies around the world.

These global participation rules, part of the external programmatic framework, will solidify the foundation of GFTN’s results-driven program. This integrated framework is built of the Shareholder’s Group, as its governance structure; a new global strategy, as its roadmap; and a Performance Monitoring Index (PMI), as its guide for internal operations. The rules of participation have been harmonized and built into this programmatic framework taking GFTN to its next step in building a new global foundation.

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