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FSC Launches Online Controlled Wood Resource Center

Posted on 14 November 2007

From the FSC Website: The FSC Controlled Wood Resource Center is now online. This web-based tool offers guidance to certified companies and other stakeholders to better understand FSC Controlled Wood Standards.

Besides addressing international concerns on illegal logging, FSC Controlled Wood includes the consideration of key social and environmental issues which ensures a minimum performance level on the ground. This is particularly important in countries where forest related legislation and governance are weak. It includes a comprehensive methodology to help companies assess potential risks associated with procuring wood from certain forest areas.

The new website (www.fsccontrolledwood.org/) has three main features: a risk register, a risk assessment wizard and a central location for relevant standards and information.

The risk register will hold readily accessible information on different countries of the world. This tool is the first of its kind and currently holds information on the US. Authorized persons can easily contribute to and are encouraged to populate the database. FSC established a careful and thorough approval process to authorize persons with editing rights to upload information.

The risk assessment wizard guides users through the Controlled Wood standards and through the process to complete risk assessments and company verification programs. All FSC Controlled Wood Standards and other key FSC documents are available and easily accessible.

FSC requests National Initiatives and organizations gathering risk information for countries and regions to populate the risk register with up-to-date, peer-reviews information.

The FSC Controlled Resource Center was developed jointly by FSC International Center and FSC US. FSC encourages all using this tool to provide feedback on its functionality and usefulness. Forward your comments to: Pina Gervassi - p.gervassi@fsc.org and Phil Guillery - phil.guillery@gmail.com