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A tree that will remain alive…

Posted on 09 November 2007
Taking a glance at the book...
© WWF Bolivia / Juan Carlos VACA
Buy a magnificent book and contribute to the 2nd International Sculptors’ Workshop in 2008

On November 8th, WWF Bolivia, the conservation organization, and Manzana 1 Art Space presented the book "Un Árbol (One Tree) Bolivia: an experience that integrates art, culture, wood industry and conservation of Bolivia’s forests" in Santa Cruz. A batch of books was also donated to the Manzana 1 Art Space to sell and use the funds for the II International Sculptors’ Workshop scheduled for October 2008; as in the previous Workshop held in 2006, the sculptors will use FSC certified wood in creating their art work.

The presentation of the book coincided with the inauguration of two art exhibits: the Argentinean sculptor’s, Mr. Chalo Tulian who also participated in the "One Tree Bolivia" campaign, as well as that of the photographer Mr. Vassil Anastasov. In addition to the sale of the book, a short video was also given and a cocktail. Approximately 100 people ranging from artists, media, conservation and business sector participated in the event.

The book compiled the experience of the "One Tree Bolivia" campaign led by WWF Bolivia under its Forestry Program and which represented a unique Project for Bolivia since, for the first time, the art and wood industry came together to create an awareness campaign regarding the need to conserve and protect our forests through responsible and sustainable management as well as the role each one of us can play by buying wood products that come from legal and managed sources.

The campaign brought together 62 national artists, designers and architects who created 210 beautiful pieces of art from one Cariniana estrellensis tree, used in its entirety and donated by the company La Chonta Woods Ltda.

It’s worth emphasizing that all of the artwork and other pieces created carried the FSC logo, guaranteeing the protection of water, soil, flora and fauna, and allowing people to continue living, working and obtaining income from the forests.

The art objects created were on display in the pavilion for One Tree Bolivia during the ExpoForest in March of this year, as well as during the I International Sculptors’ Workshop in October 2006, where eight Latin American sculptors worked live during one week in a plaza in Santa Cruz using parts of the Cariniana estrellensis from the One Tree Bolivia campaign, creating monumental sculptures before the eyes of 100,000 spectators.

The book is testimony of the work and enthusiasm of the artists, companies and people that, with their support, made this campaign possible; it is also one of the most complete art books for Bolivia displaying the work of 62 contemporary creators in its 180 pages.

The book was made possible thanks to WWF Bolivia as well as the generous support provided by Mercantil Santa Cruz Bank and the Rural Electrification Cooperative, CRE.
Taking a glance at the book...
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Un Árbol Bolivia
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