Transforming Markets to Protect the World’s Forests

Posted on 30 October 2010  |  0 comments
An essential tool in transforming the regional, national and global markets into a force that protects the world’s most valuable and threatened forests, the GFTN expanded its presence to include Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela in October 2010. The GFTN-Northern Amazon and Chocó Darién (NACD) will be an essential addition to driving credible certification in these priority eco-regions.

“Considering that forests are a source of strategic resources, and that they provide personal weath and environmental services—such as timber, non-timber products, shelter for communitities, carbon capture—it is necessary to consider different strategies to protect them,” said Miguel Pacheco, GFTN-NACD Coordinator. “By establishing a regional presence in these four countries, the GFTN will play a key role in halting illegal timber trade in the region by promoting responsible forest management.”

Part of the “Inter-sectorial Pact for Legal Timber”, an agreement signed in 2009 by the government and 24 organizations from the public and private sectors, civil society and consumers, the GFTN-NACD joins the Colombian government in efforts to stop the illegal timber traffic in Colombia and improve forest management.

“With the GFTN-NACD, we can counteract the threats of illegal logging and change the conditions for healthy forests to coexist with responsible trade,” said Mary Lou Higgins, Director of WWF Colombia. “We are certain that GFTN will be the link that will allow us to effectively integrate the environmental, social and economic needs inherent in tropical forests in this region.”

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Featuring some of the highest rainfall on the planet, the Chocó-Darién ecoregion has one of the world’s most diverse assemblages of lowland plants and animals


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