The mission of the GFTN-UK is to improve the management of the world's production forests by using the purchasing power and influence of UK businesses to bring about change

The GFTN-UK was founded in 1991, originally named the WWF 1995 Group, and with 20 participating companies. Its members' vision was to ensure that their timber and paper supplies came from well managed forests, and did not contribute to forest destruction and illegal logging practices.

Since its launch, the GFTN-UK has become widely recognised as a successful partnership between WWF and business - a partnership that promotes and progresses responsible management of the world's forests.

What does the GFTN-UK do?
Members of the GFTN-UK commit themselves to tracing their timber and paper products back to the forest source. The aim of the GFTN-UK is to provide a framework for members to adopt a stepwise, monitored approach that enables them to identify and move away from materials coming from unknown or unacceptable sources, towards products from credibly certified forests.

Who are the GFTN-UK participants?
Members represent a broad range of organisations who recognise the scope they have to make a difference to the profile of the UK's performance on illegal logging. This is generally through volume of material traded or purchased by their business (whether paper or wood products) or the way species they require impacts on the viability of high conservation value forests. It may also be through the ability to bring about consumer awareness of the problems of illegal logging, and how responsibly managed forest products can help tackle this issue, or through the ability to lobby key stakeholders to bring about changes to tackle deforestation and illegal logging. Take a look at the Current GFTN-UK Pariticipants list.

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