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The Iberian Forest & Trade Network

The GFTN - Iberia is the regional arm of WWF's Global Forest & Trade Network, a global initiative to eliminate illegal logging and improve the management of valuable and threatened forests. The GFTN-Iberia consists of Spanish and Portuguese companies committed to responsible forestry and trade.

Current Participants

Participants of the GFTN-Iberia promote responsible trade  and purchasing of forest products (timber, paper and cork) that are sourced from well managed forests certified by a credible certification scheme, such as the FSC.
Learn more about GFTN-Iberia's current participants in:
* Spain
* Portugal

Would you like to join this International network of Forest and Trade?

If you're interested in the conservation of our forests and in the fight against illegal logging and irresponsible forestry, please contact us.

See contact information in Spain and Portugal on the right .

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Iberian Forest & Trade Network



Elena Dominguez

Sustainable Market Forest Officer

Tel: + 34 91 354 05 78 



Rui Barreira

GFTN Manager

Tel: + 35 193 449 92 04