Launched in 2009, GFTN-Laos is the Lao chapter of Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN), WWF's initiative to eliminate illegal logging and improve the management of valuable and threatened forests.

GFTN-Laos is the first GFTN office operating under a collaborative partnership programme with The Forest Trust (TFT, formerly Tropical Forest Trust). The strategic approach of this partnership is to develop a favorable environment for certification of natural and planted forests by:
  • Supporting international companies with strong corporate policy on sustainability to create good examples for sustainable forest management and plantation development in Lao PDR;
  • Facilitating Chain of Custody (CoC) certification of committed processing companies, and linking them to certified supply base in Lao PDR
  • Providing a set of services and benefits (i.e. market links) to participants of the GFTN/TFT program in Lao PDR in order to enhance economic benefits from certification
  • Promoting improved forest management practices among small forest owners and community forests
  • Exploring and implementing strategies to lower costs of certification
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 Greater Mekong

Matthew Markopoulos

Regional Forest Coordinator


Tel: + 856 21 216080

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