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Requirements for Joining the GFTN

Participants must be legally registered entities and meet specific criteria. Requirements for joining GFTN include publicly committing to use only legal and responsible sources of wood, applying for credible certification, and agreeing to comply with the GFTN communication code of practice.

Applicants undergo a baseline appraisal to determine if credible forest/ chain of custody certification is feasible and establish benchmarks for an agreed action plan to achieve credible certification. Applicants agree to regularly report on their progress toward credible certification and allow GFTN coordinators to visit their company and operational sites. In addition:

  • Forest companies that are not yet certified must confirm that they are operating legally and commit to a time-bound action plan to achieve credible certification for all of their forest management units within ten years
  • Manufacturers and processors of wood and paper products, retailers, distributors, and other end users must commit to eliminating the use of wood and pulp from unacceptable sources and achieving credible chain-of-custody certification within one to five years.
For more detailed information, download the GFTN requirements of participation document (see the box)