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The Citigroup Foundation's core support for GFTN since 2005 has enabled GFTN to reshape key markets and build responsible forestry sectors in priority countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica, by building sustainable forest product supply chains.

In so doing, the partnership has advanced responsible forest management in forest ecosystems of global significance, guaranteed the supply of responsibly harvested and traded forest products for companies engaged in the trade and investment of forest products, and created a powerful platform for sustainable economic development.

The Citigroup Foundation's support has allowed GFTN to build on this success by

  1. Completing its Global Business Plan and begin the process of implementing it across the entire network,
  2. Aggressively engaging the U.S. and Chinese forest products market and their associated supply relationships to address the "timber footprint" of the two largest timber consumers in the world, and
  3. Working with Brazilian paper and pulp manufacturers to help them gain greater access to the U.S. market.

Citigroup’s continued support will give GFTN the leverage needed to meet our objectives and increasing the demand for, and supply of, legal wood products.

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