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GFTN Participants - details

GFTN Participants - Peru

8 Total Number of Participants Links   
111,526 m3 Total Round Wood Equivalent Traded Per Year (TRWT) Other GFTN participants  
628,463 Ha Total Forest Managed (FMU) Area GFTN-Peru Homepage  
628,463 Ha Total FSC Area    

When available, company profiles can be downloaded by clicking on the company name

 Forest owner/manager Asociacion para la Investigacion y Desarrollo Integral (AIDER) Community Forest  39,999  39,999  12/10/2006
 Forest owner/manager CCNN BELGICA Community Forest  53,300  53,300  10/24/2011
 Forest owner/manager Green Gold Forestry Peru S.A.C Forest Manager  112,925  112,925  10/24/2011
 Forest owner/manager Grupo Aserradero Espinoza S.A Forest Manager  81,130  81,130  09/25/2006
 Forest owner/manager Maderera Canales Tahuamanu SAC (Catahua) Forest Manager  52,869  52,869  10/24/2011
 Forest owner/manager Maderera Rio Acre S.A.C. Forest Manager  220,000  220,000  11/26/2007
 Forest owner/manager Maderera Tawari S.R.L. Forest Manager  21,792  21,792  10/24/2011
 Forest owner/manager Wood Tropical Forest S.A. Forest Manager  46,448  46,448  04/04/2012

** Forest areas in hectare (Ha)
*** FSC-certified forest area in hectare (Ha) 
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