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How GFTN Benefits Retailers, Distributors and End Users

The reputation and profitability of retailers, distributors, and other end users of forest products depend on public perceptions of their commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

For them, joining the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) means:

  • Improved ability to communicate with customers who increasingly demand to know the source of wood products and their sustainability
  • Links to new, dependable, and credibly certified producers and suppliers, as well as to those progressing toward credible certification
  • Assistance with procurement and purchasing policies
  • Credibility with diverse business partners
  • Increased potential for positive media coverage
  • Improved relations with NGOs, local forest users, and others
  • Information on non-traditional and lesser known woods and sources
  • Assistance encouraging existing suppliers to pursue credible certification
  • More efficient planning and management
  • Reduced business risks
  • Tools and frameworks for better risk management
  • Information and assurance to investors, employees, regulators, and others