How GFTN Benefits Forest Owners and Managers | WWF

How GFTN Benefits Forest Owners and Managers

Forest owners and managers whose economic interests are tied to the long-term viability of forests have a lot to gain from joining the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN).

Participation can strengthen their competitive advantage through:

  • New and strengthened links to markets and business partners
  • On-site technical support throughout the process leading to independent and credible certification, including guidance on assessing different certification systems
  • Increased potential for positive media coverage
  • Improved relations with NGOs, local forest users, and others
  • Higher rates of efficiency and environmental performance
  • Reduced business risks
  • Tools and frameworks for better risk management
  • Information and assurance to investors, employees, regulators, and others
  • Improved levels of legal compliance
  • Support for changes in legislation and law enforcement to aid responsible forest management and improve competitiveness
  • Access to affordable, long-term financing (subject to local availability)