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WWF Awarded for 20 Years of Dedication to Forests

Posted on 12 October 2011
George White, head of the GFTN and Charles Thwaites, executive director of FSC UK.
The award, presented at the recent Timber Expo in Coventry, recognises the GFTN (WWF Global Forest & Trade Network) and its two-decade commitment to both credible certification of forests under the FSC system, and raising awareness of the huge benefit of purchasing FSC products made from responsibly sourced timber.

And the partnership between FSC and WWF has resulted in huge successes, with GFTN participants in the UK now averaging 58% of their forest products in the UK market as FSC-sourced, and the WWYC campaign bringing FSC messages to the public through the national and regional press, advertising and online mediums, alongside work with local councils to pledge future sourcing of FSC products.

GFTN and FSC also work with global companies to ensure they responsibly source FSC certified timber, as well as supporting local communities in felling areas to protect the rights of forest workers and to enforce legislation safeguarding timber industries for the future.

The GFTN now boasts 272 companies from over 30 countries working to safeguard a combined 21.5 million hectares of FSC-certified forests, to prevent illegal timber felling and protect the world’s forests. Liaising with local communities and training forest workers in felling areas ensures a minimal impact on communities and local environments. FSC's standards of sustainability and effective management promote ethical, profitable trade for the future.

Accepting the award on behalf of WWF, George White, head of the GFTN, commented: “It is a great pleasure to receive this award from FSC UK, as we continue to pioneer and develop the wider WWF Global Forest & Trade Network and grow the thriving FSC sustainable market. Engaging with forest industries has done a great deal to increase demand for sustainable forest products, and the next 20 years will be extremely exciting.”

Charles Thwaites, executive director of FSC UK, added: “From sharing our stand at Chelsea Flower Show to creating advertisements for the London underground, the support FSC UK has received from WWF this year has been overwhelming. “WWF has received an award for its contribution to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and its ongoing commitment to safeguarding forests around the globe, including our ‘What Wood You Choose?’ (WWYC) campaign.
George White, head of the GFTN and Charles Thwaites, executive director of FSC UK.
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