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The year 2011 marks two decades since the formation of the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN). To celebrate GFTN's 20th anniversary, this special website will follow and highlight 20 years of companies and communities working together with one common goal: a sustainable future for the world's forests and for the people and economies that depend upon them.

Each month, this GFTN 20th anniversary Website will showcase new stories of successes and challenges that forest companies and communities have faced in the past and still face today in the journey toward responsible forestry and trade. Features will include profiles on participants, interviews with GFTN Managers around the world and reflections on progress from leading forestry experts.
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© Erin Genett / WWF-GFTN

GFTN Milestones

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Recent Events

26 September 2011 
London, UK 
GFTN 20th Anniversary Celebration

27&28 September 2011 
Coventry, UK 
GFTN Presence at the Timber Expo
George White
“Like never before, the spotlight falls on our planet’s forests.” — George White, Head of the GFTN