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WWFolio Bolivia Nr. 1, February, 2005

Posted on 28 February 2005
WWFolio Bolivia Nr. 1 cover page, February, 2005

This is the first of WWF Bolivia's quarterly news bulletin. It informs on WWF's activities in Bolivia within Southwest Amazon and Pantanal ecoregions. In this issue you can learn more about:


  • Protected area management: supporting Otuquis
  • Sustainable cattle ranching in the Pantanal
  • Wetland educational curriculum
  • Strengthening wetland municipalities
  • Sustainable Future for the Bolivian Pantanal


  • Itenez Reserve: 15 communities working towards sustainable development
  • Altamachi: management for sustainability in the Yungas
  • Amboro Interpretation Center: an entrance to the Park
  • Teaching ecology in the school yard
  • Madre de Dios, Acre and Pando (MAP): the forest as a means of livelihood
  • LIVING TECHNOLOGY: Technology serving the sustainable development of the Itenez Reserve
  • LIVING PUBLICATIONS: Ecological Zoning of the Amboro - Madidi Bio-Corredor
  • LIVING PUBLICATIONS: Natural History of the Pampagrande Municipality


  • Exchange of forestry management experiences: Panama - Guatemala
  • Latin America will present motions of change at the 2005 FSC Assembly
  • Peruvian Tambopata Reserve obtains FSC Organic Certification
  • Supporting sustainability in forest communities in Bolivia
  • Stepwise Approach to Certification


  • The use of video as a means to promote awareness
  • September 4th, 2005: The first National Protected Area Day
  • Santa Cruz International Trade Fair as a communication opportunity
  • RAPPAM: Assessing and prioritizing actions towards the optimal management of the National Protected Areas System (SNAP)


  • Our funding sources
  • Budget executed during the last three fiscal years
WWFolio Bolivia Nr. 1 cover page, February, 2005
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