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Brazilian consumers can now buy certified timber

Posted on 17 January 2003
FSC logo painted on sustainably harvested logs.
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São Paulo, Brazil - Last night's opening of a pilot retail shop which will exclusively sell FSC-certified timber opens new possibilities for Brazilian consumers, as well as for producers with certified forests and certified chain-of-custody. The new EcoLeo shop in São Paulo, Brazil, belongs to Leo Madeiras, a large retailing group in Brazil. The store sells several species of Amazon native tropical wood, as well as pine, eucalyptus and other timber from plantations, in the form of sawn wood, boards, blades, plywood, MDF, and other products — all of which are FSC certified. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal provides a guarantee that forest materials and products come from legal, sustainably managed forests. Socially, the FSC seal means that all forestry activity is legal, that taxes and labour obligations are regularly paid, that there is no forced labour or child labour, that all workers are duly registered and enjoy all legal rights, that workers are well qualified for the job, and that local and traditional communities are respected. Environmentally, the practices and technology required by FSC ensure the integrity and longevity of the forest, as well as biodiversity conservation and all its associated values: water resources, soils, landscapes, ecosystems and ecological functions, the protection of threatened species and their habitats, fighting predatory practices, and complying with environmental laws. Over half of the timber volume supply at EcoLeo comes from the Brazilian Amazon Forest. The shop's suppliers include not only large companies, such as Cikel and Gethal, but also small producers from traditional forest communities, such as rubber-tappers from Acre, who until now faced difficulties in commercializing their certified timber. If the new shop is successful, Leo Madeiras plans to sell certified timber in all the company's 28 retail shops in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Paraná, where the biggest wood market is located in Brazil. Notes for editors: Established in 1993 as the international organization coordinating forest certification and supported by WWF, the FSC has established itself as the international benchmark for forest certification and product labeling. WWF-Brazil has led the process to implement and promote FSC in Brazil, leading to the creation of an independent organization called FSC-Brazil. For further information: Regina Vasquez Communications Officer, WWF-Brazil E-mail:
FSC logo painted on sustainably harvested logs.
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