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Environmental Paper Company Index 2015 – WWF invites 80 companies

Posted on 26 February 2015
Continual improvement is key
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Gland, Switzerland—WWF, the world´s largest conservation organisation, is inviting the world’s leading pulp and paper manufacturers to participate in the Environmental Paper Company Index 2015. The  biannual Index promotes transparency and continual improvement in the sector. The list of invited manufacturers from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa can be viewed on www.panda.org/epci2015. Results of the evaluation will be published in October/November 2015.

The increasing number of participants in WWF´s Environmental Paper Company Index over the years is a testimony to the growing importance of transparency and the value of the Index for the industry. Participants in the 2013 Index produced 29% of the world´s newsprint, 28% of the world´s graphic paper, 14% of the world´s tissue, 6% of the world´s packaging and 14% of the world´s pulp. This means that the ecological footprint of 82 million tonnes of pulp and paper was disclosed.

WWF's Environmental Paper Company Index looks at environmental aspects of a company’s policies and targets, as well as the environmental performance of the production of newspaper grades, graphic paper, packaging, tissue, or pulp. The EPCI recognizes a company´s transparency and progress over time, without comparing the companies.

“We are expecting even higher participation in 2015” says Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Manager of WWF International’s global pulp and paper work. “While we are proactively inviting key pulp and paper producers we are open to receiving expressions of interest from other producers. The EPCI is a tool for companies that are striving for continual improvement in the environmental performance of their pulp and paper production. The Index enables them to be leaders in transparency.”
“Mondi encourages all invited companies to participate in WWF´s Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI). We believe it is good for the industry to demonstrate increased transparency – showcasing responsible business practices and ongoing improvements. This will be Mondi’s fourth year of participating in the Index and we consider it a fair and positive exercise, providing useful management insights.”
Mondi (South Africa)
"Participating in WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index is a great opportunity to have a well-known environmental organization with high ambitions evaluate and confirm continuous improvement of sustainability performance."
Stora Enso (Europe)
“We welcome WWF's Environmental Paper Company Index. The EPCI measure will aid ITC's efforts at enriching the country's environmental capital while generating significant sustainable livelihood opportunities. The EPCI tool will enable current and prospective customers to objectively view the environmental performance of the products that they buy from pulp, paper and paperboard companies."
ITC (India)
"Domtar has gained significant insights from our work with WWF the past five years to create the expectation of full disclosure within the industry. As the only North American fine paper manufacturer to participate in the EPCI since its inception, we encourage our peers to follow suit. It’s impossible to verify economic, social and environmental performance without complete transparency.”
Domtar (Canada)
Companies that have not been invited but would like to participate can contact the WWF International Paper Team at epci@wwf.panda.org. Deadline for applications to participate is 30th of April 2015.
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Tel: +43676842728219 hbrandlmaier@wwf.panda.org
Continual improvement is key
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