WWF and Tetra Pak launch FSC awareness campaign in Romania

Posted on 22 May 2013   |  
Magor Csibi, Director of WWF Romania at the campaign launch.
Magor Csibi, Director of WWF Romania at the campaign launch.
© WWF Romania
Bucharest, Romania – Only one in four Romanian consumers knows what the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo on cardboard packaging represents, according to a survey commissioned by Tetra Pak in Romania.

The survey was conducted as part of the campaign “Discover FSC packaging” launched by Tetra Pak and WWF Romania. The aim of the campaign is to promote FSC packaging and to inform consumers about the way in which their consumer choices contribute to environmental protection.

The presence of the FSC logo on packaging represents an assurance that the wood fibre used for producing the packaging comes from responsibly managed forests which have undergone certification by the Forest Stewardship Council.

“The survey shows that only 14% of Romanian consumers have seen the FSC logo on products and that 24% know what the logo stands for. On the other hand, 53% of interviewees expressed preference for products that come in FSC certified packaging and showed high interest in the multiple environmental, social and economic benefits that come with responsible forest management”, said Cristina Dumitru, Communications Manager Tetra Pak South-Easter Europe.

“Following a series of information campaigns about the importance of recycling cardboard packaging, we are now bringing forward the importance of renewable resources, such as forests. With this campaign we are adding to the efforts of WWF Romania and the Forest Certification Association who have been working in this field since 2009, and we are promoting responsible consumer choices”, Dumitru said.

“Certifying forests in Romania has been a priority for WWF Romania since the very beginning, given that this instrument can offer enhanced protection and a more advanced and sustainable management for our forests”, said Magor Csibi, Director of WWF Romania.

“The FSC certificate is a market mechanism. This is why it has the chance to become an efficient system, with real impact and to offer a bigger protection not through restrictive legislation, but through rewards for market actors who choose to focus on society, nature and sustainability alongside their profits”, Csibi said.

“But our efforts will be completely futile if we don’t manage to convey the importance of FSC certification to the consumer. The consumers determine, through their daily choices, where the industry is going and what products will be placed on the shelves. If we manage to convince people to choose certified products, we will bring about a real change – bigger responsibility in industry players and society at large”, Csibi said.

The survey was commissioned by Tetra Pak and conducted by Exact Research and Consulting. It is representative of the 18-59 age group, with medium to high level of education, living in cities and using the internet. The survey was conducted among 728 respondents, randomly selected out of a pool of 2000 used by the research agency. The data collection was conducted between 10-13 May 2013 and has a level of reliability of 95%.  
Magor Csibi, Director of WWF Romania at the campaign launch.
Magor Csibi, Director of WWF Romania at the campaign launch.
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