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Updated WWF statement on Global Witness report 'Pandering to the Loggers'

Posted on 13 August 2011
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In the light of recent criticisms of WWF's Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), WWF today announced that it will commission an independent review of the GFTN programme. WWF has already started the process of finding an experienced, independent and reputable third party with the aim of completing the review by the end of 2011.

GFTN had already scheduled a review of all its activities to take place in 2012, but we believe that in view of the current controversy, and in the interests of transparency, it is appropriate to bring it forward. This decision in no way implies that WWF accepts the allegations or recommendations contained in the recent Global Witness report Pandering to the Loggers.

We repeat our earlier view that the Global Witness report contains a number of errors and misleading statements. We do, however, take these allegations very seriously and that's why we are commissioning an independent review of GFTN activities - a review which we are confident will demonstrate that our current set of performance and monitoring procedures are fit for purpose. WWF remains committed to promoting responsible forestry and trade, combating illegal logging and protecting some of the planet’s most valuable resources.

GFTN and Ta Ann Holding Berhad – a clarification on 5 October 2011

In December 2009 GFTN-Malaysia and Ta Ann Holdings Berhad locally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that contained the scope of both forest participant and trade participant. The MOU was not ratified at the time by the GFTN headquarters because Ta Ann’s forestry operations were ineligible to become a forest participant under the Rules of Participation developed and used by the GFTN programme. GFTN-Malaysia has engaged Ta Ann only as a trade participant and has not undertaken activities that would have fallen under the category of forest participation. The MOU was revised to reflect the reality of the relationship in August 2011and now lists the Lik Shen and Ta Ann Plywood mills as trade participants, rather than the wider group of Ta Ann Holdings Berhad. This was a failure of internal communications and will be addressed in the forthcoming evaluation of the programme referred to above.

WWF regrets any misunderstanding.

Please note that this statement is an update of our previous post on 26 July 2011

Certified Amazonian rainforest
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