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GFTN-Iberia 2008-2010 Report

Posted on 09 December 2010
GFTN-Iberia Report 2008-2010
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All business activity is associated to the consumption of forest products, primarily wood and paper, and thus, any company can actively generate a positive or negative impact on the forests of the planet and the people who depend on them.

In a context of environmental and economic crisis, like the one we are living now, it is more urgent than ever to conserve our natural capital and to stop the destruction of our forests as a means to enjoy the vast number of services they provide to us. For purposes of this, it is essential to promote the consumption of forest products while aiming at the same time for a new model based on a socially and environmentally responsible use.

For this reason, any purchase that ensures the sustainable and legal origin of a particular product and prioritizes the use of the same versus the use of synthetic materials is an essential element of the Corporate Social Responsibility policies that no modern and committed company can forget. GFTN Iberia is an example of this. Since its launching in 2008, and thanks to the commitment of the participating companies, it has contributed to slow down the degradation of forests on the planet, while promoting the improvement of industrial competitiveness and the relevance of putting on the market forest products and their environmental values.

In few years we have seen impressive progress thanks to the expansion of the FSC certification, the implementation of responsible procurement policies in public administrations and the many companies who have chosen to join this network promoted by WWF worldwide. There is still, however, a long way to go. We hope the achievements of GFTN Iberia included in this report serve to encourage many other companies to participate in this global effort. This initiative demonstrates that it is possible to exploit forests without destroying their biodiversity in order to generate wealth and improve the lives of the people in the places of origin of these products, while reinforcing at the same time corporate public commitment with the conservation of nature.

We appreciate the trust and collaboration of the companies that are already part of this global initiative and we encourage and invite those that are still not part of it to do so and help reduce their impact and contribute directly to the conservation and sustainable management of forests in the world. 

Juan Carlos del Olmo
Secretary General
WWF Spain
GFTN-Iberia Report 2008-2010
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