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GFTN Retrospective Report (2005-2007)

Posted on 15 January 2008
The GFTN has made impressive progress, particularly in poorly governed places where good forestry is the exception not the norm. These are the places where forest certification can really make a difference. However, conditions in these locations present enormous challenges to companies trying to achieve certifiable standards of social equity and environmental care.

The GFTN meets these challenges in a number of ways. First, the GFTN’s stepwise approach allows a company to make a commitment to achieving certification, and then assists them in meeting time-bound milestones towards credible certification. Second, the GFTN offers technical assistance and training in areas where performance improvement is needed. Third, the GFTN facilitates business-to-business communications and trade links among its participants. This means that the forest company can begin to realise business benefits even during the transition to improved performance on a certifiable level.

Illegal and unsustainable logging practices are a threat to the long-term viability of the entire forest products industry. To combat these things, the GFTN has set strategic objectives for the coming years. Building on the lessons learned over the last decade, the GFTN will more effectively promote responsible forest management and trade, increase its portfolio of credibly certified forest area, build the value and brand recognition of the programme within the industry, and deliver services to participants with even greater efficiency and transparency. As a network of responsible businesses, the GFTN can do much to reduce markets for illegally sourced wood and strengthen forest management capacity where it is needed most.