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First member to Nusa Hijau - the Indonesian Forest and Trade Network

Posted on 26 January 2005
P.T. Bangun Sarana Wreksa signing the MoU for Nusa Hijau membership.
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Jakarta, Indonesia – The European Union and US are the major markets for Java teak furniture, and increasingly demand certified products ensuring the wood is sourced in an ecologically responsible way. Many furniture industries in Java have reacted to the demand and obtained the required certification. However, these industries are unable to source certified wood from Java. Therefore several furniture industries are now importing teak from other countries such as Brazil to meet demands. 
Within this context WWF has been working to promote Sustainable Forest Management in Java with local stakeholders. To help meet the challenges faced by supporters and practitioners of responsible forestry, WWF set up the Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) to facilitate trade links between companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry. GFTN creates market conditions that help conserve the world’s forests while providing economic and social benefits for the business and people that depend on them. 
P.T. Bangun Sarana Wreksa, a furniture factory in Malang (East-Java, Indonesia) has decided to try a new approach to fulfill the market demand by becoming the first company to join Nusa Hijau membership, which was marked by the signing of the MoU between the company and WWF-Indonesia. 
P.T. Bangun Sarana Wreksa is currently sourcing wood from PERHUTANI. Currently, PERHUTANI is collaborating with Nusa Hijau to improve their Forest Management System to eventually meet certification standards, within a maximum time period of 5 years. 
Pierre Dermawan, Director of PT Bangun Sarana Wreksa, explains: ‘Our company is strongly committed to sustainably manage forest resources. In order to fulfill the increasing market demand, we have to provide certified forest products. By joining Nusa Hijau we obtain the assistance in selecting credible sources and gain access to the global market.” 
Nurcahyo Adi, Coordinator of Nusa Hijau, WWF-Indonesia clarifies: ‘This is a new dawn for the furniture industry in Java specifically and Indonesia generally. Nusa Hijau provides the opportunity to work closely with an extensive network of market groups all over the world.’ This network, the Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN), is a tool to link market demands to producers and assist the latter in becoming certified. In short, Nusa Hijau is a practical attempt at meeting the demand for sustainable timber from Indonesia. 
The GFTN is an initiative that promotes partnership between non-governmental organizations and companies to improve the quality of forest management. The GFTN currently consists of 18 local Forest and Trade Networks in 30 countries, consisting of over 800 members, mainly in Europe and North America. By joining the network, members can enjoy several benefits such as: information and training on certification, links to markets for certified forest products, small-scale and community forest enterprises, policy advocacy with government, and publicity for GFTN and their members. 
Nusa Hijau is the Indonesian Forest and Trade Network within the GFTN and is administered as a programme of WWF-Indonesia. Participation is open to forest managers, wood processors, forest products traders, specifiers and end-users operating in Indonesia. Participants must meet and comply with the Nusa Hijau conditions of participation and enter a participation agreement with WWF-Indonesia. 
For further information: 
Nurcahyo Adi
Nusa Hijau Coordinator, WWF-Indonesia
Tel: +62-21-576 1070 ext.508
P.T. Bangun Sarana Wreksa signing the MoU for Nusa Hijau membership.
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