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WWF reiterates support to Congo Basin Forest Partnership

Posted on 30 June 2004
Strangler fig (Ficus zarzalensis), Congo Basin.
© WWF / Martin Harvey
Brazzaville, Congo - WWF has reiterated its commitment to support the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) initiative, noting this as a contribution to the Yaoundé Declaration and support to the Conference of Environment Ministers in Central Africa (COMIFAC) and the convergence plan. The Regional Representative of WWF's Central Africa Programme, Laurent Somé, made the declaration during the second CBFP meeting in Brazzaville Congo, held from 26–28 June.
The Congo Basin Forest Partnership is an association of 29 governmental and non-governmental organizations that works to improve communication and coordination among its member organizations vis-à-vis their projects, programmes, and policies to promote sustainable management of Congo Basin Forest ecosystems and wildlife and improve the lives of people living in the region.

The CBFP does not itself implement or fund programmes and has no secretariat or staff. Instead, it provides a service to donors and implementing agencies working in the region by operating as an information clearinghouse, a mechanism for promoting coordination of programmes across multiple donors and implementing agencies, and a forum for dialogue.
The CBFP aims to increase awareness of the programmes being funded and implemented by its member organizations, enhance the efficiency of these programs and relevant coordination processes, and identify and eliminate gaps and overlaps in programs and funding. In so doing, the partnership hopes to encourage potential donors to engage in the Congo Basin region and the crucial work of protecting its globally important endowments of wildlife and biological diversity, ensuring good governance, and raising the living standards of its people.
“WWF and the World Bank/WWF Forest Alliance are resolute with their determination to follow up on their engagements vis-à-vis the private sector to the principles and exigencies of legality and certification. As a founding member of the CBFP, WWF renews its firm engagement to use its network to mobilize resources to support this partnership,” said Laurent Somé.
Government representatives from the sub-region attended the Brazzaville meeting. Also present were partner organizations, conservation institutions, NGOs, and governmental organizations.