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From Vision to Action: The Growing Momentum of the GFTN

Posted on 04 March 2008

On March 3rd and 4th 2008, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 16 leaders from around the WWF Network formally endorsed and launched a new GFTN business plan and global strategy for the next four years. This exciting development led to the formation of shareholder’s group amongWWF’s offices committed to securing the resources, both human and financial, to ensure the continued success of GFTN.

“The GFTN is entering into a new era. Our new business plan builds upon our successes while aligning ourselves to further leverage the broader market trends regarding illegal logging and responsible forest management and trade. The GFTN’s growing number of partnerships with over 360 producers and traders now represents a double digit percentage of current global trade committed to the viability of the world’s forests for future generations. Our partnerships with key stakeholders and ability to adapt our strategy to dynamic changes in the forest products industry are the key to GFTN’s continued impact,” said Bruce Cabarle, Interim Head of the Global Forest & Trade Network.

The GFTN’s new business plan was initiated in January 2007 with a formal a program evaluation and organizational assessment hosted by the IMD Business School in Switzerland, During the course of 2007, several of GFTN’s major stakeholders (with special recognition to CitiGroup, DFID, IKEA, SCA, TetraPak, TimbMet, USAID, YingBin NatureWood Industries) provided critical input to revising the GFTN’s vision and strategy. Today, the new business plan, governance structure, and global strategy positioned the GFTN to go to the next level: to transform the global forest products sector into a force for saving the world’s valuable and threatened forests. GFTN will achieve this by doubling responsible trade in forest products, the area of credibly certified forest, strengthening the GFTN brand, ensuring the GFTN’s financial viability, and improving the range and delivery of services to GFTN participants.

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