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Mind the Gap: A Check on Bank Credit Policies

Posted on 19 December 2007
From BankTrack: BankTrack, the international NGO network that monitors the financial sector, recently released a new report called Mind the Gap. The report reviewed the environmental and social credit policies of 45 banks.

They checked the state of affairs for the following sectors and issues:

Sector policies: agriculture, dams, fisheries, forestry, military industry and arms trade, mining, oil and gas.
Issue policies: biodiversity, climate change, human rights, rights of indigenous peoples, labour rights, taxation, toxics.
Transparency and accountability performance.

You can read the report or the specific chapters here. The individual findings per bank are presented in the bank profile section. The dodgy deals section lists controversial deals that banks are involved in.

'Mind the Gap' is the second version of the on-going benchmark project. In January 2006, WWF-UK and BankTrack released the first edition, 'Shaping the Future of Sustainable Finance'.