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Foreign International Group Joins the Malaysia Forest & Trade Network

Posted on 13 December 2007
Mr. Jonas Israel from Mc. Corry Group and Dr. Arun Vankataraman from WWF Malaysia exchange the MoU documents.
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From WWF Malaysia: McCorry Group of Companies became the first international group that supports responsible forestry by joining the Malaysia Forest and Trade Network (Malaysia FTN).

The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signalling it’s commitment to implement responsible environmental policy and formally joins a growing league of companies worldwide that are committed to responsible purchasing of timber products.

The Malaysia FTN, an initiative funded by its members and the European Commission, is the Malaysian chapter of WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), a worldwide partnership between companies committed to eliminate illegal logging and to improve the management of valuable and threatened forests.

“WWF-Malaysia constantly looks for ways to incorporate environmental awareness into the corporate sector by being as practical as possible. The Malaysia FTN is a means of improving business by reducing risks and by being as transparent as possible in purchasing policy,” said Dr. Arun Venkataraman, WWF-Malaysia’s Conservation Director. “As we know, McCorry working closely with the suppliers in Borneo, we hope the company’s commitment will be the driver for the Borneo’s forest managers to look into sustainable forest management”.

The world’s forests remain under threat from deforestation, illegal logging, and poor forest management. Instead of contributing to these problems, the global forest products industry can be part of the solution. By facilitating market links between companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry, the GFTN creates market conditions that help conserve forests and biodiversity, while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people who depend on them.

“Following the signing with seven new participants in this year, including one of the forest management units in Sabah that has committed towards FSC certification, McCorry is the next new participant of Malaysia FTN. McCorry will be well placed to respond to the needs of their international customers, as well as meet its obligations under the forthcoming EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade voluntary partnership agreement (FLEGT VPA)”, said Dr. Arun Venkataraman at the signing ceremony.

The McCorry Group is a European based timber trading group with its international Operational HQ in Malaysia. The Group has seven subsidiaries and exports products to USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, Middle East, West Africa and Europe. The company has achieved its certification under the Forest Stewardship Council chain of custody (CoC) in 2002. McCorry and MFTN will work together with McCorry’s timber product suppliers over the coming months and years to support their achievement of responsible forestry practices and FSC certification.

“We are joining the GFTN because it supports a stepwise approach to certification. Certification has to be economically viable to get the full backing from the industry. WWF’s program enables this. Furthermore the GFTN membership gives us a basis to live up to our commitment to protect the only renewable resource we have - our forests. And with the access to the customer base of the GFT network we’ll have more leverage with our supply chain thus encouraging the changes required”, said Mr. Jonas Israel, CEO of McCorry Group of Companies.

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Mr. Jonas Israel from Mc. Corry Group and Dr. Arun Vankataraman from WWF Malaysia exchange the MoU documents.
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(From left to right) YB Dato Seri Tengku Zainal Adlin (Chairman of Sabah Tourism Board and trustee of WWF-Malaysia), Mr. Jonas Israel (CEO of McCorry Group), Dr. Arun Venkataraman (WWF-Malaysia's Conservation Director), Ms. Ivy Wong (Forest Conservation Manager) present during the MFTN MoU signing.
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